This is the Digital Age and computer programmes have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Computer Engineers theorize, design, develop, and apply the software and hardware for the programmes we use in our everyday and professional life.

Choosing the Computer Science Engineering BSc study program is always a good idea if you would like to be successful in your career. Based on the forecast of the European Committee until the year of 2020, there will be around 825.000  job vacancies in the IT sector  in Europe. In Hungary currently there are already around 22.000 information technologist missing from the labour market, so consequently it is not surprising the companies compete with each other for the talented fresh graduates with this type of degree. Besides the high salary most of them offer living and catering opportunities for free or for very favorable price. Nowadays the workplace of the most information technologist is not localized to a certain office, neither to cities or countries, companies are looking for the employees based on the knowledge they gained during their education period all over the world.

Besides the major aspects of the study area, the students acquire the following skills: 

  • the improvement of general, mobile and industrial software in the specialization “Software Technology”
  • management of informatics networks the specialization “System and Network Engineering”
  • usage of software related to picture and sound processing in the faculty of Media Informatics

Most of the IT companies require special knowledge from the fresh-graduates of this field. The University of Dunaújváros has several partner companies whose representatives teach the students exclusive and actual topics which they might find useful. In these so called co-operative trainings, the students have to complete different tasks related to bank information technology, programming, networking, operating system administrative, etc. tasks. During the lessons they acquire the knowledge required to be a professional in the field of informatics. Moreover, during their studies undergraduates are welcome to participate in a practical internship offered by companies. The bests among them often get a job offer already before their graduation.

From the 4th semester the opportunity is given to students of the program Computer Science Engineering BSc to participate at project works related to their professional area.




Students’ opinion


„Study methods at UOD are connected to the real life (the practical part of it), the thing that makes me, as a student, feel more excited about my carrier after studying at UOD.”
Tamim Abo Saleh (22)
Stipendium Hungaricum Student from Syria


„The school has new and good infrastructure, every classroom has new computers and projectors – it's comfortable to attend the classes. In the library you will have Mac's and PC's to make your works and to study. In the social areas the wifi is always working and there are desks, sofas and chairs to hang out with friends between classes.”
Giselle Katics Santos (33)
Exchange student from Brazil