Within the framework of the conference „Cyber Science 2019” outcomes of the University of Dunaújváros’ common project with the Secudit Ltd., the Information Technology Security (ITS) research programme have been announced.

Thanks to the ITS project lecturers of the university had the opportunity to take part in a research that aims to observe the vulnerability of IT systems. From many factors that affects the how systems are exposed to such attacks this year the researchers highlighted the role of the users. Dr Ferenc Leitold announced a method in his presentation on 4th June that provides metrics for describing the behaviour of the users. The research takes the scientific society closer to the precise measurement of IT security that allows us to take action much quicker. This is extremely important as the growing number of devices, apps and services influence or lives more and more but unfortunately at the same time the amount of registered cyber-attacks increase as well. The research contributes the establishment of such systems that continuously keep monitorising our network and provide opportunities for immediate defensive intervention to moderate the threats. In case of such systems the awareness of the users is key. To illustrate this idea, Eszter Diána Orosz, PhD student presented an escape room that she developed. In Hungary this sort of team play is considered quite popular. Representatives of several European and American companies and researchers of universities tested the information security adaptation of the game on the exhibition. Beside the researchers mentioned above the guests were hosted by Dr. Zoltán Király and Tamás Major in the hall of the conference.



Based on the feedbacks it we can safely say that the presentation raised the awareness of many universities operating in the United States, also researchers of Oxford University showed interest towards the project that keeps occupied 7 researchers and may students at the University of Dunaújváros for the third year now. The results of the project have been shared at several acknowledged international scientific conferences throughout the years.