In the year 2013 the futsal section was revitalized. The team mostly consisted of members of the local five-man football players and competed in the 2nd national league of Hungary with an aim to get acceptance of responsibility for their deeds. Due to the favorable results of the league matches the team qualified itself to the final stage of the championship and they managed to finish second. This result gave the team an opportunity to promote to the 1st league in their very first year of their existence.

The team made a rush towards the season 2014/2015 with a reinforced squad and with two reserve teams competing in the U19 and U17 league due to the regulations.

The goal was to clearly keep the team in the first league but with some nice team play and luck our team finished fifth. That year can be considered a huge success which opened up new prospects to the management as well. We win over Zsolt Fehér, the assistant manager of our national team to be our head coach and a deal was agreed with 4 key players of the national reserve team and with an experienced goalkeeper to strengthen our squad.

This year the team achieved two second places, one in the first division, and another in the Hungarian cup. We already have 3 players who are constant members of our national team, they took part in the Futsal European Championship in 2016.

Our association aims to keep up with the good results and finish in the first 3 places of the division, also to put more emphasis on the development of the youth teams which would make us able to build in a few young players to our senior team each year.

Also it is a priority for us to establish and maintain active cooperation with other Hungarian and international associations.