As an essential element of our University’s higher educational mission, we are continuously working on new ways of cooperation with our existing partners and at the same time it is our intention to seek and establish cooperation with other European universities and colleges within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

Our courses are available in English and in Hungarian languages to our incoming exchange students. Since courses offered to Erasmus students are the ones related to our full time study programmes, the list of available courses at our institution change each semester. The University of Dunaújváros informs their partners about accessible subjects 4-5 months before the semester begins.

The University of Dunaújváros can guarantee a place for all incoming Erasmus students at one of its student hostels. The educational infrastructure of the university was built in a way which allows people with disabilities to move easier within and among the hostels and the buildings of the campus, however we necessitate preliminary notice about any kind of special needs that the incoming student would require.

Besides students exchange, we are glad to host lecturers and staff members of our partner institutions all year through. We kindly ask you to inform about planned STT and STA visits in due time to be able to discuss the details of the visit thoroughly.

For further information, or to establish a contact with our institute please contact the International Relations Office.



Name of University

University of Dunaújváros         
(Dunaújvárosi Egyetem)

Type of the Institution

University of Applied Sciences

Erasmus+ ID Code


PIC Code



Application Deadline


Nominations must be sent before the relevant deadline

Autumn Semester (from September):           1st June


Spring Semester (from February):                  1st December


English Requirements

For incoming Erasmus students English Language proficiency is required to be confirmed by the partner institution at time of nomination. The level of proficiency shall be equivalent to level B2. 

Nomination Process

Partners should e-mail University of Dunaújváros to provide the basic details of their nominated students before the relevant semester deadline.


Average Cost of Living
(e.g. room, food, entertainment, etc…)

Approximately: 320 EUR / month (including the hostel fee)

Credits and grading system

UoD works on 30 ECTS per semester. One module (course) worth 5 ECTS. Erasmus students shall complete at least 20 ECTS in one semester.


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Applying for Student Visa
information for non-EU passport holders

Applications for visa and residence permit for Hungary can be filed at the Hungarian Embassy in the candidate's country of permanent residence.


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Having a Valid Health Insurance

For EU passport holders: The students can use the European Health Insurance Card in Hungary and they receive the general healthcare based on that. The card is issued by the national health insurance provider of the home country.


For non-EU passport holders: It is required for all the international students of the University of Dunaújváros to have a valid health insurance with accident and sickness coverage. This is also a requirment to gain the Residence Permit from the Immigration Office of Hungary.

The University of Dunaújváros recommends to sign a short term health insurance for the duration of travel to Hungary and then the Generali Studium insurance package can be aquired for 115€/semester after arrival.