According to the Immigration regulations, from January 1st, 2006, you have to apply for a residence permitn not later than 30 days before the expiration date of your previous visa or residence permit.

When you apply for a residence permit, you have hand in the following documents to the Immigration Office in order your residence permit can be made. These documents/attachments are the following:

  • 5-page form of the Immigration Office filled in with your relevant data
  • One 10.000 HUF fee stamp – ILLETÉKBÉLYEG in Hungarian - which can be purchased at any Post Office.
  • In case of late application which is better to be avoided, you need an additional 3.000 HUF fee stamp and and a handwritten letter - in which you state the reason of having been late with the to do's - needs to be attached to the application.
  • 2 recent photos
  • Bank statement of your or your parents' bank account regarding your last six months' bank activity which serves as proof that you will be able to finance your studies and living in Hungary during your stay
  • Copy of relevant pages of passport
  • Certificate of student status - can be obtained from the Student Office in the main building
  • Copy of student card if you already have it
  • Certificate of your future accommodation by the Student Hostel or by the lessee of your rent appartment
  • Accommodation Form with a stamp and the signature of the director of the Student Hostel or with the signature of the lessee if you live in a rent appartment
  • Leasing contract between you and the lessee/hostel and the beneficiary approval in case there is a beneficiary registered for the given apartment
  • Valid health insurance card and/or declaration of making a new health insurance for the next academic year. This applies for the renewal of the residence permit only.
  • Certificate of your payment for the next academic year – can be obtained from the International Relations Office

Every document must be original or authenticated by the issuer, or a public notary! No photocopies or scanned documents are acceptable during the procedure!

In case you change your place of accomodation you must inform the Immigration Office within 3 workdays!