To be able to arrange some of your administrative issues at the university (e.g.: enrollment, credit acceptance, etc.) you will have to submit requests or applications in Neptun. This page contains some useful information about how to successfully submit them.

For the list of available applications and their period of availability please visit the opening page of Neptun system, switch to the English language version and you can access the list in the "Downloadable Documents" section.


The most important information and advice about electronic application:


  1. The list of applications that can be submitted is constantly changing according to the deadline for submitting the application, according to the range of those entitled to submit. Thus, it is necessary to monitor which application can be submitted for how long. Find out about the current deadlines in advance, if the application deadline has expired, the application will disappear from the list! You cannot submit an application after the deadline and you will not be allowed to submit it later! Additionaly, you cannot submit an application of any kind if you have an active/overdue debt in Neptun.


  1. If you have / had more than one training, which is in your training, your request/application will be submitted at that training. Make sure you are on the right training, and if not, use the Change Training button to set your training. Applications submitted for inadequate training will be rejected for formal reasons.


  1. For application/request types, the number of submissions may be limited. Once you have used the maximum number of applications you can submit, you will no longer be able to download that application.


  1. Some applications/requests may have mandatory fields. If the field is left blank, the request cannot be saved.


  1. Some applications must be accompanied or may be accompanied by an annex. There is a time limit for uploading an attachment and deleting uploaded attachments, which you will find information about in the Upload Request Attachment menu. An attachment cannot be attached or deleted after the deadline. The absence of an annex may lead to the rejection of your application.

We therefore recommend the following procedure:

As a first step, scan the attachment before submitting your application.


  1. When attaching an attachment, please pay attention to the formal requirements and always check the result!


  1. The processing of some applications involves the presentation of the original of the Annex. You can present the original document in person at your study lecturer or send it by post. You will always find instructions on the procedure in the respective applications.


  1. You can track the fate of your application in the Submitted Applications menu. Here you can see the status of the application, the acceptance or rejection in case of a decision, and the reasons for the decision. Therefore, we recommend that you enter to the Neptun system regularly. You will be automatically notified of the acceptance or rejection of submitted requests if you set up automatic messaging for requests.


  1. In the Studies / Training data menu, you can view the name of your administrator, who is your study lecturer. Please note that despite asking for information from the study lecturers until the decision is made, you cannot speed up the process or influence the decision. Therefore, please do not contact your study lecture about your applications, monitor the status of your applications in Neptun system!


  1. Your applications submitted in the Neptun system are official documents! The statements and data made on it are equivalent to a signed document. That’s why think before you give your Neptun ID and especially your password to anyone! in the Neptun system, after entering, your ID means your identity. Therefore, if you give someone your password, you authorize them to act formally on your case. Be careful, this can also be abused! The University does not investigate complaints or objections arising from the issuance of a password and assumes in its procedures that the owner of the ID has acted.


  2. If you wish to make a disability claim, please note the following: If the applicant or student is not a Hungarian citizen and has an expert opinion issued abroad, the disability can be certified by a certified translation of the expert opinion issued abroad. An official translation of the expert opinion issued abroad is required for all languages.


We hope that your administration will be simpler and that you will be able to navigate the administrative mazes better by using the application manager.


We wish you success in your studies!


Study Office