The student card is a document which certifies the valid student status with a higher educational institution. Beside this function it also provides its holder with some discount in regard to travelling on the long distance busses within the country. You may get some reduction of costs related to cultural expenses - like sport events or cinema - as well.



  • Request a Student Status Certificate from the Study Office during the opening hours.



  • As a first step, you need to visit the Certificate Office in Dunaújváros (Kormányablak|2400 Dunaújváros, Október 23. tér 1.). After completing a form, they are going to take a picture of you and will scan your fingerprint. Also you will receive a data sheet that shall be completed
  • Please do not forget to take with you:
    • your passport or ID card
    • your address card
  • Your personal data will be examined and checked during the process in the Certificate Office
  • After the above finally you will get a document on which the photo and the original signature also appears. Part of this document is the 16-digit-long NEK (Nemzeti Egységes Kártyarendszer) identifier that is necessary for the obtaining process. Therefore please make sure to keep this document. Should you still lose it, a copy can be requested in the Certificate Office.
  • In case if during the validity date of the photo or signature any change in your personal data (including the residential address) occurs, a new process will be necessary during which you will receive a new NEK identifier.



The NEK identifier shall be uploaded into the Neptun system. After logging in to your account please click on “Administration” and select the “Student Card request” option. Click on the “Add new” button and in the pop-up window indicate your NEK identifier. 

Important! Put only the characters with numbers and letters, putting dashes or slashes is not needed.


Demand type

  • First application (if you have so far not applied from UOD)
  • Due to data change
  • Lost
  • New request due to false data


  • The system automatically completes it depending on your current study programme 


  • Your default address that appears in Neptun, please indicate the address of your home country

Secondary institution

  • If you do not have an active student status at any other Hungarian institution, then leave this blank.


Click on “Save”!



Since cards are created in Budapest by the Ministry of Education, it may take a month until you can receive your plastic student card. 

Two or three days after your NEK identifier was saved in Neptun, you can request a temporary student card in the Study Office of the university. This paper contains the same information that your plastic card will have and you can use that until you receive the one from the Ministry of Education. 

You can also request a temporary student card by writing an e-mail to



The student card is sent to the University by the Ministry of Education. After it has arrived, the study lecturer will notify you via email (the email address you have given in Neptun). Please visit the Study Office afterwards, where you can recieve the student card which must be validated with a sticker each semester. If you are entitled to have a valid student card, then the administrator of the Study Office will put the sticker on the plastic card.

Please note that the student card needs to be re-validated in the beginning of each semester

  • Autumn semester stickers are usually valid until 31st March
  • Spring semester stickers are usually valid until 31st October