The University of Dunaújváros collaborates with student recruitment agencies from many different countries. These partners represents our university abroad and will help applicants to go through the university application and visa obtainment proccesses.

In case we have a partner agency your area, we only accept the application with their collaboration. For the list of our agencies please visit the REPRESENTATIVES menu point

From countries where the University of Dunaújváros is not represented by a partner agency, individual applications are accepted. Please read through the instructions below and follow the steps:


Steps of Application

  1. Submission of application
  2. Skype interview
  3. Admission decision
  4. Payment of fees
  5. Enrollment


Submission of application documents

Fill in the Application form and send it to us with the necessary attachments in e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You can download the file from the Documents for Download menu

For the list of documents  please visit the APPLICATION CHECKLIST menu.

After the examination of the submitted documents, applicants will be informed whether we can move forward with the application procedure or not. 


Skype interview

As a part of the admission procedures you will be given an appointment for a Skype interview with one of our admission officers. This interview, gives a chance for the Admission Committee to check the aims and motivation for choosing this field of study. It is also a possibility for us to check that your English skills are adequate for completing the chosen major.

Applicants for bachelor study programs will have a Skype interview with one of our admissions officeers.

In case of master applicants the interview is conducted by one of the professors of the relevant teaching department.


Admission decision

The admissions officers will evaluate both your submitted documents and the Skype interview, and make the admission decision.

In case of positive decision, you will receive the guidelines about the fees to be payed in n form os a document called Application Acceptance Letter.

The Application Acceptance Letter officially certifies that you are an eligible applicant and your application is valid. This document contains also information about the fees to be payed, and also some other important pieces of information.


Payment of fees

You will need to transfer the fees indicated in the Application Accepted Letter to the university’s bank account.

For the overview of fees and information about our bank details please visit the FEES AND PAYMENT menu point.

After receiving your payment the University of Dunaújváros issues the document called Letter of Acceptance. This is the official declaration that an applicant is accepted.

For information about the further steps to be taken please visit the PREPARE FOR YOUR STAY menu point.



After receiving the visa you only need to travel to Dunaújváros and take the very last step – enroll to our university. Once arriving to the city you will experience that UOD students and university staff form a friendly and welcoming community – and by taking the last step of the application procedure – you can now become a member of the growing #uodfamily.