A Brief History of the University of Dunaújváros


The first and only higher educational institution in Dunaújváros, the Technicum of Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering, our predecessor institution was established in 1953. However, as our University is one of the very few universities saveguarding and fostering the nearly 270 years old student traditions developed at Selmecbánya (and for that UOD is considered as a successor institution of the former Academy of Selmecbánya), our university can be described as a relatively young university having roots that goes back centuries.


Selmecbánya (source of photo: LINK)



Milestones between 1735 – 1953


1735           Bergschola

Establishment of Bergschola at Selmecbánya (Banská Štiavnica, currently situated in Slovakia), predecessor of the Academy of Selmecbánya. This date is considered as the foundation date of technical higher education in Hungary.


1761           Academia Montanistica

Bergschola is transformed to an academy under the name Academia Montanistica in 1761 with the aim of educating experts in mining and metallurgy both for Hungary and for the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire.


1868           Royal Hungarian Academy for Mining and Forestry

The Academy became in 1868 an independent Hungarian institution, and Hungarian as language of instruction has been introduced by royal decree.


1904           The new name of the Academy is College for Mining and Forestry.


1919           The College is resettled in Sopron, as a consequence of the territorial changes after the Trianon decree.


1949           University of Miskolc

The education of metallurgical engineers and mining engineers is displaced from Sopron to the newly established University of Miskolc.



An old picture of the university's main building (source of photo: LINK)



Milestones between 1953–2016


1953           Technicum of Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering

The Technicum of Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering was brought to life in Dunaújváros in 1953, in order to supply the Danube Iron Works (Dunaferr Rt) with appropriate specialists.


1969           Faculty of Metallurgy and Metal Works

The Technicum in Dunaújváros gains College ranking by becoming a faculty of the Technical University of Heavy Industry in Miskolc. Beside the Faculty’s traditional technical study programs, the metallurgical and mechanical engineering courses, its scope is expanded by conducting technical teacher, engineering teacher training and engineering information technology courses.


1993           Faculty in Dunaújváros of the University in Miskolc

The Faculty is renamed and expands its study range by economics, and in the following years by technical management, material engineering;


2000           College of Dunaújváros

The institution becomes an independent higher educational institution under the name College of Dunaújváros. From 2003 communications and media program becomes available.


2006           Introduction of study programmes entirely taught in English

From the academic year 2006/2007, by starting Engineering Business Management BSc course, the College opens its gate to international students.


Our main building nowadays (source of photo: LINK) 



2016           University of Dunaújváros

The College of Dunaújváros gains the status of a university and from that date our institution continues to operate under the name of University of Dunaújváros.


Nowadays our university is considered as one of the most dynamically developing higher educational institutions in Hungary. On national level UOD became the centre of higher education in the surrounding region, and as a results of our internationalization strategy followed over the past years, our institution is proud to have a wide international relations network in Europe and all around the world. Currently we offer 6 bachelor and 2 master programs entirely taught English, and nearly 10% of the total number of or students are international students arriving from all corners of the world.