Level of qualification: Master (MA)
Degree: Master of Arts in Teacher of Engineering (Materials Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, or Computer Engineer).

Scheme of Study: 4 semesters (2 years) full-time program


- Materials engineer
- Mechanical engineer
- Computer engineer

Graduates with a technical background, the analytical skills of an engineer, plus knowledge of teaching have numerous career opportunities. For those, who see their future in teaching and research in the area of engineering this joint degree is an ideal choice.

The Course

This MA programme offers a broad-based approach to engineering and teaching, provides the candidates with an educational profile that combines in-depth technical competence with a solid knowledge in teaching and engineering. Core content of the course consists of courses in materials engineering, mechanical engineering and computer engineering, and also differentiated professional knowledge in the areas of psychology and pedagogy. Engineering and teaching topics make extensive use of case studies and project work; and a wide range of assessment methods is employed. A coherent pedagogic training is also part of the programme.

Course Requirements

Candidates must satisfy the College's Entrance Requirements. Applying for the Teacher of Engineering master program, candidates must have a materials engineer (BSc), mechanical engineer (BSc) or computer engineer (BSc) diploma/degree.

Reasons to Choose Our Teacher of Engineering MA Course

  • Acquire an excellent mix of teaching and engineering skills
  • Develop excellent transferable skills
  • Take the opportunity to study in a multicultural environment

Future Prospects

The appreciation of both teaching and engineering issues means the prospects of students after graduation are excellent. The technological, educational and interpersonal skills and knowledge acquired will open up a wide range of career opportunities in teaching, research and engineering.

Content and Structure

During their studies candidates are required to take up to 120 credits, each semester totaling 30 credits.
There are six core modules in each of the first two semesters of the programme.
The core modules in the first year are taken mainly from the fields of Pedagogy, Psychology, Methodology and Natural Sciences.
Second year modules introduce the specializations.
In the final semester students are required to accomplish their final degree projects and write their theses.

Year One

Core modules: Mathematics, Specialized Methodology I, Psychology I-II., Pedagogy I-II-III, Educational Technology.
Option modules/electives
For Computer Engineers: Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Information and Encryption Theory, Multimedia Tools.
For Material Engineers: Technical Material Studies, Material and Structure Analysis, Material Technologies.
For Mechanical Engineers: Study of Machine Structures, Systems of Mechatronics, Design of Products and Manufacturing.

Year Two

Core modules: Economic and Vocational Training, Specialized Methodology II.
Option modules/electives
Continuous Pedagogic Practice
Thesis Project