Dunaújváros is the national capital of sport. It is indeed the official title of Dunaújváros during the late 90’s, when basically all teams of the city were competing in the highest divisions of national leagues. And not just competing! They become champions under the name Dunaferr Sportegyesület; football, volleyball, ice-hockey, both men’s and women’s handball, woman waterpolo.

Ever since most of the sport teams were quit from Dunaferr, and they function as standalone associations, Some of our teams just disappeared from the scene, but fortunately the current municipality hand in hand with our university and some committed local entrepreneurs keeps the town’s sport life under their wings allowing the talented athletes to gain success here in Dunaújváros.

Among the city’s teams three is strongly connecting to the University. We are proud of the fact that recently all the three teams achieved at least one huge success. You may read more about these teams (futsal, handball, waterpolo) on our webpage.

To come to Dunaújváros is actually the best choice for you, if you are just a huge fan of sports, or should you even happen to be a talented athlete, the opportunity will be given to you to find your interest or to try yourself out.