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Hereby we would like to inform you about our admission process.




Applicants must be high school graduates. All original certificates will need to be presented to the University.

To apply for a master programme applicants must have a completed bachelor degree – or equivalent certificate – from related scientific area additionally to the high school certificate.

English language knowledge: for bachelor program we require IELTS 5.5 or equivalent English language certificate. In case of not being able to certify the required level of language skills there is an opportunity to apply for our 1-year-long language preparatory programme that preceeds the chosen BA / BSc studies.

For a master (MA /MSc) programmes we require applicants to possess IELTS 6.5 or equivalent English language certificate.


Application Process

The University of Dunaújváros collaborates with student recruitment agencies from many different countries. These partners represents our university abroad and will help applicants to go through the university application and visa obtainment proccesses.

In case we have a partner agency your area, we only accept the application with their collaboration. Please check the list of agencies here.

From countries where the University of Dunaújváros is not represented by a partner agency, individual applications are accepted. Please read through the instructions below and follow the steps:


1.) Fill in the Application form and send it to us in e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You can download the file from the Documents for Download menu


2.) Collect the following documents and send them to us via e-mail:


Completed application form with a hanwdritten signature
CV in English language
Motivation Letter in English language
High School Certificate in original language and in English language – official translation is required
University degrees and transcripts in English language – official translation is required – if any
Relevant pages of your passport like personal data, photo, previous visas
Proof of English language knowledge like language certificates, previously completed studies in English
Medical certificate not older than 1 month



3.) After the examination of the submitted documents, applicants will be informed whether we can move forward with the application procedure or not.  Please note that an online interview might be part of the admission procedure.


4.) The University of Dunaújváros issues an Application Acceptance Letter with further information. It also contans a so called 'Neptun-code' which is a digital ID-number required to have access to the online administative program of our university.


5.) The next step is to settle the necessary application fees. The following amounts have to be transferred to the bank account of the University in one installment.


Registration fee: 200 EUR Non-refundable
Tuition fee: 3950 EUR - 4400 EUR For one academic year - see the details below
Accommodation fee: 625 EUR Covering your accommodation costs for the first semester of studies at the hostels of our university
General deposit: 500 EUR Refundable upon official termination of the academic contract, if the student fulfilled all the regulations of UOD and did not cause any damage or losses to UOD. The general deposit includes also the student hostel deposit. The terms of the general deposit will be included in the study agreement.


Here you find our tuiton fees in case of the different programmes:


Language preparatory year program: 4100 EUR / Academic year
Bachelor (BA /BSc) programmes: 3950 EUR / Academic year
Master (MA /MSc) programmes: 4400 EUR / Academic year


All the necessary information for the bank transfer is to be found on our Bank details page.


6.) After receiving your payment the University of Dunaújváros issues the document called Letter of Acceptance. This is the official declaration that an applicant is accepted.


7.) With the Letter of Acceptance applicants shall visit the nearest Hungarian Embassy and apply for visa (type D). In case the required visa will be not granted for some reason, the University will refund the tuition fee, the hostel fee and the deposit after having received the justifying documents. 


8.) With the visa in hand travel arrangements shall be made as soon as possible (booking flight tickets, train tickets... etc.) At this stage insurance is only required for the travel days.


9.) What to do upon arrival to the University:


Students can move into your room at the hostel
They shall visit the International Office as soon as possible with all your original documents - they need to be presented only – for finalizing your registration
A long-term health insurance contract shall be signed (approximately pay 230 EUR / year). The insurance is valid from the 1st September to 31st August next year
The necessary registration forms need to be completed, and Student Agreement has to be signed
Within 30 days after arrival students are obliged to visit the nearest Immigration Office to get the Residence Permit Card


Application Deadline

For September intake the application deadline is 31st of July

In special cases we might accept late applications, for more information, please contact the International Relations Office. Please be aware that late arrivals at the University - after the start of the academic year - may result in missing a number of classes which may jeopardize the completion of subjects in the given semester. Late arrivals will remain entirely the student's responsibility.