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12–13th November 2018. Dunaújváros

The University of Dunaújváros annually organizes the Danube-area cohesion international scientific conference. The events of the conference contributed to the establishment and the implementation of the European Danube Regional Strategy (EDRS). A significant number of performances on the conference were published in volume of essays and studies and contributed to the successful completion of numerous doctoral scientific research activities as well.

The Opening to the East Strategy which was unfolded in 2014 at the University of Dunaújváros, has contributed to opening up a wide berth to the development and building of international cooperation based on the results of Danube region in East-West relations to strengthen the socio-economic cohesion.

Upon these thoughts, the 3rd East-West Cohesion Conference is willing to take a worthy step forward to strengthen the international co-operation between higher educational institutions, spread the modern forms of training, the development of scientific co-operation and to help the effective work of students and doctoral students.

The duration of the conference is 2 days.  During the first day, the plenary lectures will be held in the related topics. On the second day, the scientific work will continue simultaneously in 5 sections. During the conference we provide an opportunity for bilateral and multilateral consultations, for making discussions to support the development of the international partnerships and the foundation of joint research projects.

Based on the preliminary resolution of the Scientific and Organisational Committee, and in connection with the themes of the conference, we would like to make an Abstract volume and also publish the submitted publications in a Study volume, in accordance with the national standards of publishing. Also there are opportunities to publish in Hungarian high quality professional periodicals.

We expect the participation of the representatives of domestic and international partner institutions, who deal with scientific and educational activities in relation to the defined aims.


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